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January 14


1. Stress in the Workplace: Stress Management 

By Neha Sagar DOWNLOAD


2. Greenwashing in India: A Darker Side of Green Marketing

By Raja Mukherjee, Indranath Ghosh DOWNLOAD


3. Customer Perception Regarding Purchase of Counterfeit Garments in Selected Areas of Ludhiana City: A Comparative Study of Males and Females

By Taranpreet Kaur Dhingra, Dr. Ambika Bhatia DOWNLOAD


4. Fostering Creativity & Innovation In Marketing Communication through Social Media

By Swati Seth, Komal Kapoor DOWNLOAD


5. Marketing Effectiveness of Customer Satisfaction on Dairy Industry (with Reference to Sangam Dairy Vadlamudi of Guntur (D.T), A.P., India)

By S. Ayyappa Naik Nenavath DOWNLOAD


6. Corporate Reporting: A Study on Recent Trends

By Saloni Raheja DOWNLOAD


7. Examine Relationship between Employees Satisfaction on Performance Appraisal System with Reduction of Rater’s Error

By Supriya Mahajan DOWNLOAD


8. A Review of the Human Resources Approaches on Strategy Implementation among SMEs in Zimbabwe

By Tonderai Nyamwanza DOWNLOAD


9. An Analytical Study on Foreign Direct Investment and Service Sector in India

By Dr. R. Uma Devi DOWNLOAD


10. Intellectual Capital Research: A Route Map to the Highway

By Anthony Thiagarajan, Dr. Utpal Baul DOWNLOAD


11. Financial Inclusion & Indian Banking Sector

By Sahil Mahajan DOWNLOAD

12. Word of Mouth Marketing: Consumers Participation

By Charu Sarin, Bhawna Pal DOWNLOAD


13. Opportunities and Challenges for Indian Women Entrepreneurs

By Manisha, Shikha Menani DOWNLOAD

14. Big Data: It’s Actually Big By Rinku Mahindru DOWNLOAD


15. Impact of Training and Development Programmes on Employees Efficiency at Madhya Pradesh State Electricity Board (MPSEB) By Dr. Usha Tiwari DOWNLOAD


 16. Issues of Independence of Board of Directors in India

By Dr. Ruta Khaparde, Sujata Chincholkar DOWNLOAD




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