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June 14


Cultural Value Dimensions and Implications for International Management

By Dr. Fred Fening, Hannah Beyer DOWNLOAD


Liquidity of Select Disinvested Public Sector Enterprises in India during the Period 2000 – 2010

By Santosh Koner, Jaydeb Sarkhel DOWNLOAD


A Study on the Significant Influence of Industry Institute Collaboration on Various Factors in Engineering Institutes in Pune Region

By Abhijeet Pandurang Khonde, Sunith Hebbar, Dr. Sumati Sidharth, Dr. Shiva Prasad H. C., Mahesh Patil, Neeraj Borate DOWNLOAD


Marketing as a Panacea for Sustainable Economic Development of Nigeria

By Saheed G. Adegoke, Alebiosu S. Oladele DOWNLOAD


A Review of Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation Issues

By Maheswar, Dr. C. M. Javalagi DOWNLOAD


A Study of Performance Appraisal Systems: With Reference to Heinz, Sitarganj, Uttrakhand

By Gaurav Kochhar, Dr. Vikas Arora DOWNLOAD


A Research Paper on Inbound Logistics of Fertilizers in Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited, Kakinada

By Dr. Prasada Rao Bondada, K. V. Ramana Murthy DOWNLOAD


Job Satisfaction among Thai Employees Working for Multinational Corporations (MNCs) in Thailand

By Dr. Fred Fening, Paul Pramool Chalothorn DOWNLOAD


Effects of Crude Oil Prices on Indian Financial Sector

By Dr. Manoj Kumar Mishra, Dr. Sachchidanand Yadav DOWNLOAD


Investment in Gold in Indian Scenario

By Priti Aggarwal DOWNLOAD


Service Sector: India’s Road to Economic Growth

By Prerna Tikku DOWNLOAD


Adoption of Social Media for Public Relations

By Aakriti Chaudhry DOWNLOAD


Ghanaian Family Firms and HRM Practices

By Elvis Attakora-Amaniampong, Joseph Kofi Nkuah, Andrews Salakpi DOWNLOAD


Co Integration of Stock Markets of the GCC Nations in the Wake of the Arab Spring of 2010: Analysis of the Relationship between Oil and Stock Market Prices

By Adeelah Yahya Salim, Dr. Karima Saci DOWNLOAD


A Study on Process Automation Market

By Vaithilingam Ramaswamy Raghav, Giridhar Kamath, Vikram B. Lakshminath DOWNLOAD


A Study: Potential for Personal Care Products in Rural Market of India

By Ashima Sharma DOWNLOAD


Indian Equity Derivative Market

By Arjun Gope DOWNLOAD


Board Meeting through Electronic Mode: A Move towards Corporate Excellence

By Gunjan Khanna DOWNLOAD


A Study on HVDC Smart Grid Transmission Market

By Shyfer A. Backer, Dr. B. Gopolakrishna, Anasbin T. P. DOWNLOAD


Investigating Relationship between EVA and MVA of Selected Construction Companies in Malaysia

By Shrikant Panigrahi, Yuserrie Bin Zainuddin, Noor Azlinna Binti Azizan DOWNLOAD


Does Firm Size Affect HRM Formality in Organizations?

By Samta Chaudhary, Dr. Dalbir Singh DOWNLOAD


Financial Inclusion in India: Conceptual Analysis and its Relevance

By Naveen Kolloju DOWNLOAD


A Study: Future of Carbon Markets in India

By Ashima Sharma DOWNLOAD


A Study: Factors Influencing Purchase Decision of Consumer’s for Luxury Products

By Ashima Sharma DOWNLOAD


Managing the Health of New Born: A Study of Child Health and Immunization among Slum Dwellers of Mumbai

By Mahesh Nath Singh, Niyati Joshi DOWNLOAD


A Study on Customer Satisfaction towards ATM Services

By G. Latha, Y. Suneetha, M. Giri Kumari DOWNLOAD


Consumer Purchase Pattern towards CSR Practice Organization in Malaysia

By Mohd. Remie Bin Mohd. Johan, Zhang Jia Cheng, Jiang Jian, Jaysree Balasundram DOWNLOAD


Convergence/Divergence Approach in Context to MNCs in India

By Sapna Singh DOWNLOAD


Supply Chain Performance of Processed Fruit Products in Some Fruit Processing Units

By Arun Kumar, Dr. Annamma Kumar, Dr. Sebastian T. Joseph DOWNLOAD


A Case Study Approach for Evaluation of Employee Training Effectiveness and Development Program

By Neeraj S. Borate, Dr. Gopalkrishna, Dr. Shiva Prasad H. C., Sanjay L. Borate DOWNLOAD


Supply Chain Management Model for NFCL and Fertilizer Industry: A Research Paper

By K. V. Ramana Murthy, J. Ravi Sankar, Dr. Prasad Rao Bondada DOWNLOAD


Analysing the Role Online Social Networking Sites Play in Consumers Decision Making Process

By Aakriti Chaudhry DOWNLOAD


Employee Engagement: Developing a Conceptual Framework

By Dr. Sarit Prava Das, Parna Mishra DOWNLOAD


Equity Sensitivity

By Richa Kaur, Priti Aggarwal, Neha Khaitan DOWNLOAD


Process Improvement & Ensuring Customer Relationship Using Business Intelligence

By Anasbin TP., Dr. Lewlyn L. Raj Rodrigues, Sunith Hebbar, Shyfer A. Backer DOWNLOAD


Role of Intermediaries in the Indian Financial Market

By Ritika Ahuja DOWNLOAD


Trend Analysis of FII Flows in India

By Shilpa Maggo DOWNLOAD


Women Entrepreneurs Thrist for Business Success and Their Survival in the Market Scenario

By Seema Badiger, Richa Pathak, Laxmi Badiger DOWNLOAD


Minimization of Time for Efficient Distribution

By Shwetha D. N., Dr. H. Ramakrishna DOWNLOAD


Arbitrage Opportunities in Spread Trading of Gold Or Silver in Multi Commodity Exchange, India

By K. N. Somasundaram, Dr. G. Veeramani DOWNLOAD


Mutual Fund as an Investment Option: An Analysis of Investor’s Perceptions

By Jitendra Kumar, Dr. Anindita Adhikary, Dr. Ajeya Jha DOWNLOAD


Integrating CSR into Strategic Management: Case of Maharatnas

By Divya Gupta, Neha Gupta DOWNLOAD


A Business Feasibility of Mallu Talks, a Free Malayalam Magazine Based in United Arab Emirats

By Shanoob A. P., Dr. James M. J., Shahasad V. DOWNLOAD


Convergence/Divergence Approach in contextto MNCs in India

By Sapna Singh DOWNLOAD


E-loyalty in Websites: User Domain Perspective

By Sandeep Arya, Dr. Sandeep Srivastava DOWNLOAD


Employee Engagement: A Structured Theoretical Review

By Supriya Ahlowalia, Dr. Deepika Tiwary, Dr. Ajeya Jha DOWNLOAD


Performance Evaluation of Selected Private Life Insurance Companies in Bangladesh

By Tanbir Ahmed Chowdhury, Farzana Huda DOWNLOAD


Shareholders Right and Corporate Performance

By Nwosu Hyginus Emeka DOWNLOAD


Training and Development: An Integrated & Strategic Evaluation Approach to Business Success

By Pooja Khanna DOWNLOAD


End User Support: Process Quality Assurance

By Vikram B. Lakshminath, Anasuya Lingappa K., Vaithilingam Ramaswamy Raghav DOWNLOAD


A Study on Job Satisfaction of University Employees with Special Reference to Karnataka University, Dharwad

By Shri Shiddaramappa I. Malligar, Dr. A. N. Tamragundi DOWNLOAD


Supply Chain Management of Mango: A Case Study of South Orissa

By Priyadarsini Padhi, Anshuman Padhy DOWNLOAD


Entrepreneurial Attitude among Unemployed Graduates in Ethiopia (With Reference to Kacabira District, SNNP Region)

By Dr. Shaik Abdul Majeeb Pasha DOWNLOAD


Governance and Ethical Issues in Sahara & Kingfisher

By Kulbeer Kaur DOWNLOAD


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